Monday, June 29, 2009

Raspberries & Cream Golf Tee Ring

Sorry I have been so quiet for a month - I went back to the UK (from NZ) with my two kiddies to visit my family. Longest flight ever, with just a quick 2 hour rest in Hong Kong for refuelling. My kiddies were great though - not too much vomiting and any vomit made it into the bag(s) provided. Bonus! Had a brilliant time (the weather was fabulous) and we were spoilt rotten by my lovely, untiring parents.

So back to it then!

The focal point of this ring is a plastic yellow golf tee (warning - I have a whole bag of these to use up!) which is filled with shards of vintage pink glass in resin, a natural freshwater pearl and a 'stamen' of 'antiqued' sterling silver.

I have also used merino wool roving (which has been needle felted) in raspberries and cream colours, UV resin, natural rough diamonds, a plastic aquarium plant and a ring base of faux bone.

Still jet lagged though.....

Oh and I was made to watch 'Sleeping Beauty' non-stop all the way from Auckland to London. And back again. Nice.