Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunrise Oolite and a Woolly Jumper

Gosh - sorry (Queen Grand Purl Baa) I've been so very awol!  This absence will probably continue for a while until I get the sack from my 'proper' job.

I've just had this little woolly brooch returned to me from an exhibition in Waiheke Island - it features a piece of one of my favourite gemgrade fossils called 'Oolite' from the fantastic Heart Of Stone Studio (its such a satisfying word to say).

Oolite describes a sedimentary rock formed with ooids (meaning "egglike") - spherical grains in concentric layers.  This oolite comes from Wyoming and is multicoloured with pink and gold spots of fossil.
Other materials used: Faux bone, sterling silver, merino wool (needle felted), base metal washers and microscrews, Thai Karen Hill Tribes fine silver beads (purchased Fair Trade), copper backplate, small beads and a brooch & pendant clasp.
Length: 7.5cm (about 3 inches)
Width: 6cm (about 2 1/2 inches)

I have mainly been knitting recently - it has been very cold and rainy here in NZ and so this happened...

Useful for keeping warm and doing bank jobs.
The thick/thin 'meltwater' wool I bought on sale from the yummy online NZ yarn shop called YarnTraders - run by the lovely Helen who stocks exotic and unusual yarns, fibres, felt and fabrics.

I'm hoping spring/summer will be here soon so the evenings are lighter and I can get more 'creative' stuff done instead of wanting to curl up under my duvet and block my ears to the sound of the constant rain. I can't believe it rains more here in NZ than it does in the UK - how is that possible?