Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Custom Earthy Colours....

I have just finished an order for a lady who requested a neckwarmer and sleeves (aka arm warmers) in earthy tones - she is a big fan of natural greens. This was great for me as I normally seem to work in pink as my daughter doesn't like to use any other colour when 'helping'!

Anyway, with her safely at big school now I set about dyeing a load of New Zealand wool (mainly Polwarth). I like Polwarth as it seems as snuggly as merino, is easy to spin but costs a bit less!

Here is the wool hanging out to dry on my clothes line. I used Ashford acid dyes. They are really easy as all you need is a big pot, the dyes and some white vinegar.


Then I spun these up into yarns on my Majacraft Pioneer wheel (apparently Majacraft are bringing out a wheel specifically geared towards art yarns soon?). Anyway here are the yarns - some with knobbly bits and some not. The grey wool I added during spinning is a random NZ goat/corriedale blend that someone gave me - its really soft.

Then came the knitting process - which for me is painfully slow!


And to complete matters this lady wanted a matching green 'Blinking' Eye Ring. I hadn't done one in green before. I think I'm now hooked on green (with slight pinky accents) for the time being.



Grand Purl Baa said...

Gees it must be cold in NZ!


Andrew said...

I love your work! Very creative and great colours :-)
If it is not a breach of your privacy, where are you based?

tikje wit said...

You make GREAT stuff...!!!

yvette said...

Vicky so beautiful!
(I made a terrible mistake I'm afraid..on face book I said something about a son but you have a daughter...can you forgive me?)


ArtSparker said...

I love the way one can conjure a whole world from your work.

Ginga Squid said...

Thank you all!

@Loani - its so hot & humid right now, people think I'm silly sitting here knitting. However I bet not as hot as Oz - you have strange weather over there.

Andrew - no breach of privacy here! I'm in Whanagaparaoa (a bit north of Auckland) in New Zealand.

No Yvette - you are correct!!!! I have one of each. My little boy loves wool & my little girl likes to dye it pink.

Jasmine said...

I love the colours, reminds me of spring and dyepots. Mmmh! xJ