Sunday, March 28, 2010

Following a Pattern...

Arghhhhh! I'm still just not in the mood - feeling flat. At times like these I try not to force myself to create anything, as if I do the results will just make me feel even more deflated.

But I find this is the ideal time for me to curl up and relax with some patterns I've stashed on Ravelry and some beautiful wool (Aslan Trnds La Pampa) that I picked up for a REAL bargain online here at Webbs.

I don't have to think about anything - I can just follow the pattern and watch TV! A while ago I put this pattern by John Brinegar of Yarn Ball Boogie in my project queue. It a long, long, long crochet scarf that looks well 'fierce'.

 And I do like crochet - its so relaxing and its pretty difficult to drop a stitch as there is only one, unlike knitting where the odd stitch seems to drop off my needles somewhere along the line every 10 rows or so.

I used different wool and different colours to John's pattern - but am happy with the result. Just in time as things are cooling down here in NZ.

 I also finished this extra wide zig-zag scarf - which I suppose is more like a blanket/afgan. I used the same fluffy wool as the scarf above - Aslan Trends La Pampa a fluffy bouclé blend of merino and mohair.

This was a less relaxing pattern as I kept having to increase stitches and then decrease them to get the zig-zags. The pattern is called Willow and its in a booklet called Arboretum by Colinette Yarns.

I'm currently knitting a Vogue Knitting pattern for some sort of poncho with a scarf. I'm having to get to grips with Fisherman's Rib stitch, but feel that I'm finally winning.....hopefully will be finished soon!


Grand Purl Baa said...

I seemed to have missed a number of posts, looking through now. So much lovely woolly jewels. Yum.

What is the matter girl? Flat is not good. Round is much better. How can you feel round again. You LOOK round. Perhaps a roll down the hill.

Thinking of you.

Fresca said...

Looks like a relative of Dr Who!

Kiwiyarns said...

I love the photos. The scarves look mighty cool too. :-) Can totally identify with the 'flat feeling' - hope you manage to get a your mojo back soon!

grrl + dog said...

I love your models - who could resist

your knits like that???

Ginga Squid said...

Thank you! Trying to feel more 'round' again, I have an inkling that I may return to normal after consuming huge piles of choccie Easter Eggs this weekend.

Debbie Clandening said...

Beautiful scarf and delightful blog.

ocasiocasa said...

That crocheted rainbow of a scarf is fantastically ‘fierce’. Good for you, not to give in to your flat feelings and all. I envy you and your kids having all of your beautiful wraps to help keep you warm in the coming season. To me, it all seems so luxurious.
Thank you, so much, for sharing links which I don’t think I would have ever come across on my own.

yvette said...

what is it with us feeling down and flat...but yes something nice and simple to do makes you feeling better!

happy easter dearie


Jasmine said...

I know that feeling. But I'm back on track now. Amazing what one day of sunshine can do :) Hope you get your mojo back soon.

I love your piece below xJ

john said...

YOU are fierce.

Shannon said...

Your work is amazing!!!!! I am just in awe. The colors and the textures you are able to mesh together are just breathtaking. Do you ever sell your crocheting too? You should. I have just started trying to crochet about 3 weeks ago during a bout of flu and I would so dearly love to try to have the patterns you used for the two scarves you show on your blog. Mine will NOTHING like yours as I haven't your talent or the beautiful yarn. I tried looking up the link for John Brinegar on Yarn Ball Boogie and the website is gone! If you still have the 2 patterns I would be grateful.
I hope you know how talented you are!

Ginga Squid said...

Hi Shannon - thank you for your lovely comments! If you go onto the ravelry website ( and search for John Brinegar in the patterns, all of his amazing designs come up. The scarf is here:
I'm on holiday at the mo and a bit pressed for time but I will email more when I get back next month!
Best wishes, V x