Monday, February 23, 2009

'Garden' Ring

I am loving learning to felt! This ring (top) is wet felted with needle felted pink 'flower-balls'.
The ring band is adjustable sterling silver. The flower 'pot' is etched copper with prismacolor pencil and the base of the 'pot' is a vintage soda cap - 'My Pops Root Beer'. Cold connected with a brass micro-screw.

Maybe I should wear it when we next go to playschool?


Janice said...

That is just too stinkin' awesome!! Oddly enough, I came across a felting tutorial online the other day (ok,so its been a few weeks ago). It was for felting a 'thing' around a bar of soap, but I wondered if I could learn to just 'felt' and then translate it into jewelry somehow. Nothing like yours though - you've done an awesome job with this!

Ginga Squid said...

Thanks Janice!
You can felt around a bead (big is easiest) and then carve out the front so you have a felt framed cabochon. I'm trying to do this with some of my big cabs at the moment - but I'm not getting the felt tight enough and it tends to get saggy and fall off.....
Some people felt around pebbles - funky pebble colours and that looks really cool too.
May have to get therapy soon for my felt addiction, but at least its not loaded with calories!