Monday, February 23, 2009

Our First Wet Felted Ring!

We've just made our first wet felted ring! Wet felting is so easy and fun to do (especially with little kiddies). All you need is some bubble wrap, wool (I use Merino as its easy to felt) and soapy water.

No need for any sewing (thank goodness)!

This blog by Keek (Knitting Geek) has some fab wet felting tuorials -


Tracy said...

Oh... You are weakening my resolve not to get into felting. I do too much already, but this really looks like it could be fun with the kids.

Ginga Squid said...

Yes - you have to try it! The book I bought (which is fab) is 'Uniquely Felt' by Christine White although there is loads of free info on the web.

I bought some of my wool (merino is easiest to felt) from suppliers on Etsy (shop called jacinta11 is good). The colours you can buy are just gorgeous - thats why its as addictive as buying beads I think!