Sunday, December 20, 2009

Most recent handspun Art Yarns...

I've been having a relaxing time recently with my Majacraft Pioneer spinning wheel - getting some practice in! Doing coils, supercoils & 'granny' coils (!) with a bit of corespinning and also add-ins such as pompoms. These are my latest yarns - all on the huge/super bulky scale of things!

I wish I could spin all day - but 'interesting' things happen when my wheel is left unattended for periods longer than 10 seconds - my kiddies think its a racing car as it has 2 pedals.

I bought an Ashford drum carder a while ago & now need to spend some time getting to know it better & feed it some interesting fibers (or small children).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Arm Tubes with Beaded Jewellery sewn on...

I hate having to wear a jumper over my T-shirt when its not quite cold enough - so I made these Arm Tubes (aka arm warmers). I figured they would be cool with some built-in/sewn-on beaded & felted jewelry.

The watch is set to afternoon tea time (3pm). There is also a ring & a bracelet. The gold wool is a little too hairy though.....?

These are off to The Little Gallery Of Fine Arts in Tairua - which is getting nice & busy for Christmas crazy tourist season. Yay!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

AROUSAL Brooch with Optic Fibers

I have been playing around with fitting fiber optics with LEDs into a piece of jewellery. This is my first attempt, which I'm excited about - but I'm hoping to make my next one more interactive. With this piece the optic fibers are either on (pink) or off. Which is a bit boring.

'Arousal' - because I bought this fab piece of wonder stone (from to do a piece for an exhibition called 'Erotica' - which was unfortunately cancelled so I never made the piece I intended to. But the gemstone reminded me of something quite female!?

AROUSAL Brooch - featuring a large collectors Wonder Stone. This is a stunning bright piece of Wonder Stone with perfect detailed bands & a high shine (55mm x 18mm, 5mm thick).

Also featuring tiny pink lights when 'aroused' (i.e. the battery is fitted to the holder on the back!).

The brooch looks cool without the lights on too - as the fiber optics are hardly visable, being transparent!

Other materials: Faux bone, UV resin, glitter, merino wool (pinks, cream, green), copper, mixed metals washers, micro screws, fine silver snow rings (Fair Trade from the Thia Karen Hills Tribes), fiber optics, conductive thread, coin battery & holder, pink LED, sterling silver brooch pin, sterling silver wire.

The battery is easily replaceable & removeable when not in use.

Approx size of center part (without tendrils): 11 cm x 7.5cm

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Xmas Tree Lights Knitted Capelet.....

I finally finished knitting up my Xmas Tree lights yarn into the base of this capelet! I handspun all the yarn for this myself (except for the top neck bit) - and even had a bash at spinning in some locks.

I ended up having to crochet the lights on, instead of knitting, as the yarn wasn't very flexible with all the wires in there. The batteries (3 x AA) are hidden inside in a sewn on felted pocket (using the same merino roving as the base yarn). Still nothing has caught fire yet!

Shame its summer here & doesn't get dark until 9pm - which is past my bedtime, so I haven't worn him out as yet.....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Eye Cry Silver Tears

Another sad one - with vintage 1940s 'blinking' dolls eye.

This time I made it darker by antiquing the sterling silver 'tears' with liver of sulphur.

Also with copper, purple merino wool, natural raw diamonds, Faux bone & UV resin with purple glitter.

I have a whole drawerful of different colours of glitter in tiny pots (mica powders mainly) & I refuse to let my little girl use any. Its more expensive than the stuff at kindy! She gets most upset & accuses me of being Mean Mummy.

Well at least thats an idea for Santa? Must write it down before I forget.....